Advanced Modeling and Spreadsheet Design in Excel
1/2 Day Executive Level Advanced Class

  • Perfect for finance, consulting, accounting, and any experienced Excel user

  • Create complex financial models, databases, and advanced analytical tools
  • Solve several common numerical & text-related data formatting nightmares

  • Build templates that turn large, messy data files into clean, elegant reports
  • Save tons of time by automating your spreadsheets with VBA macros

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This class is for students who are comfortable writing formulas, using functions (such as "IF" and "VLOOKUP"), and understand how to use absolute and relative cell references. If these concepts are not familiar to you, it is STRONGLY recommended that you take our 1/2 day Fundamentals Class first!

Take Excel to the next level

Now that you're comfortable using formulas and functions to solve simple problems, it's time to start creating advanced analytical machines. Whether you're an analyst creating a financial model or a marketing executive compiling sales data, this class will teach you to think like an advanced Excel user.

What you will learn

You will learn to take large data sets (CSV downloads from a database, for example) and compile the data for analysis. By using intelligent data analysis, advanced formatting functions, and error-checking techniques, we will turn an illegible data file into an elegant report with drop-down menus, controls for changing variables, and beautiful charts. We will also start to explore the exciting world of automation by creating some simple macros. Imagine pushing a button and watching Excel perform a repetitive task 1000 times in a matter of seconds!

Our method is fun

We found that most students actually learn faster when they're interacting with the instructor - not wasting time entering data or fumbling with the mouse. We feel that learning should be done in the classroom while practicing should be done on your own time. Why pay to watch other students practice and slow down the class? However, since this is an advanced class and you are already comfortable using Excel, (especially the shortcuts), you are welcome to bring a laptop. If you choose to bring a laptop, you will be given some data files before the class begins so that you can participate. Regardless, all students will receive take-home materials including all of the lesson materials worked on during class.


You have completed our 1/2 Day Fundamentals Class, OR you are comfortable with the following concepts:

-absolute and relative cell references
-creating formulas and using functions such as "IF" and "VLOOKUP"
-creating charts and Pivot Tables

If these concepts are not familiar to you, it is STRONGLY recommended that you take our 1/2 day Fundamentals Class first!




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