arn The Fundamentals of Microsoft Excel
1/2 Day Introductory Excel Class

  • Ideal for anyone whose job requires a solid understanding of Excel

  • Finally feel comfortable using formulas and dozens of useful functions
  • Combines the most helpful concepts from levels 1,2, and 3 into one class

  • Learn how to use powerful functions like VLOOKUPs and Pivot Tables

  • Discover time-saving shortcuts and tricks that can double your working speed

  • Can be customized to meet the needs of your office

  • Taught by a seasoned Excel expert with real-world finance experience

All Classes run 4 hours (w/ short break)
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About the class

Ever feel like you're wasting time in Excel doing things the "hard way"? Still don't know how to use VLOOKUP? The half-day class is absolutely the fastest and most cost-effective way to finally become comfortable with Microsoft Excel without spending a fortune on poorly taught classes or wasting time with thick books. Instead of making you take three separate classes or "levels", we combine all the most useful concepts and pack it into one powerful half- day class. When the class is finished, you feel comfortable creating your own spreadsheets, using formulas and functions, and solving common spreadsheet-related problems at work.

This class is perfect for all Excel users including (but not limited to) those in finance, accounting, and consulting, media, and the fashion industry.

Our method is fun

This class is hands-off and strongly encourages student participation. The interaction between the students and the instructor makes the class fun and engaging. We found that most students actually learn faster when they're interacting with the instructor- not wasting time entering data or fumbling with the mouse. We feel that learning should be done in class while practicing should be done on your own time. Why pay to watch other students practice and slow down the class? This method allows us to cover much more material than a traditional class could- in much less time! Of course, all students will receive take-home materials including a shortcut booklet and a copy of the lesson files from class.

About the instructor

The class will be taught by Michael Zumchak, an Excel expert with real-world finance industry experience (including years working for a high-profile energy hedge fund and a top 5 investment bank).

Curriculum Summary:

Getting Started

  • Understanding the differences between Excel 2003, 2007, and beyond
  • Entering and formatting data
  • Navigating the program; menus and toolbar shortcuts
  • Navigating the worksheet and viewing options
  • Copying, pasting, and moving data SAFELY and QUICKLY
  • Time-saving keyboard shortcuts that increase working speed
  • How to avoid losing your work and making dangerous mistakes
  • Planning the structure of the spreadsheet
  • Organizing your data for analysis

Formulas, Functions, and Data Analysis

  • Learn how to write formulas
  • Absolute and relative cell references
  • Functions for calculating sums, percentages, and averages
  • Logical functions including IF, AND, & OR
  • The powerful VLOOKUP
  • Using formulas to perform financial calculations
  • How to analyze large data sets by copying simple formulas

Presentation of Data

  • How to use PIVOT TABLES.
  • Putting it all together into a template that you can re-use
  • Formatting tables and data sets to be aesthetically pleasing
  • Creating and editing beautiful graphs (pie charts, bar graphs, and plots)
  • How to format your pages to actually print correctly

*These topics are a rough outline of what will be covered. We can tailor the materials to suit the needs of your office

Call 646-246-9141 to discuss bringing Mike onsite to your company!


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