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Q: Do You Offer Classes For the Public?

A: No. We currently specialize in on-site company training. But .... we CAN visit your office and deliver a high-energy/life-changing Excel seminar! If you feel like you or the people in the office are using Excel the wrong way, you're probably right. Call to arrange a class for your office!


Q: "I'm a beginner. Is this Excel class really that easy?"

A: Yes. It just takes a proper introduction to a few key concepts. Most people never learn these and end up spending years behind the desk frustrated while trying to do the simplest tasks. Once you "get it", using Excel becomes... fun!


Q: "We have been using Excel in our office for years.  Will the 1/2 day Intro class cover what we to know? We're not sure if we need the Advanced Class"

A: If you're not 100% fluent with IF functions, VLOOKUPS, and Pivot Tables, yes, the 1/2 day class is the way to go. Copying that VLOOKUP made by someone else doesn't count. If you never took the intro class or you're not sure which level you need, you definitely want the intro class.


Q: "I'm a light user of Excel at work, etc.. I don't do much with formulas but I'm definitely not a beginner. I don't like the idea of taking an "Intro" class. Is the 1/2 day Intro class too basic for me?"

A: Not at all. This class is meant for beginners and most average users like you. If you're not writing complex formulas or creating pivot tables, this class is exactly what you need to start using Excel to its full potential.  After you take this course you will probably know more than your boss. Really.


Q: "Why is this class only 4 hours? Is that enough time?"

A: The class is only 4 hours for many good reasons. First, people learn better in short spurts separated with breaks. This class is designed to make optimum use of your time- 2 spurts separated by a short food/stretch break. It only takes 3-4 hours to learn the most powerful and useful concepts in Excel. Once you know these it's all downhill. Lastly, people usually get overwhelmed with information when classes go over 4 hours. Besides, do you really want to spend a full day in a classroom?

Q: "The class is not usually hands-on?"

A: No. It turns out that students absorb information much more efficiently when they're paying attention to the instructor- not looking at their own screen... or fumbling around with the mouse. The most important concepts in Excel need to be learned before they're applied. Once you understand these concepts, you can practice them at your own pace- without making mistakes that could slow down the rest of the class. This method works and our students always love it. This method also allows us to cover much more material than a traditional hands-on class - while costing you less money and taking less time.


Q: "So I shouldn't bring my laptop to the class?"

A: No. You won't need it. After the class we'll email you a copy of the examples we worked on in class so you can practice them at home. But you MUST practice after class! 


Q: "We need a hands-on class at the office. Can the class be delivered in a hands-on format?"

A: Yes, of course. We often deliver hands-on classes on Wall Street. Usually the material in a 4-hour class can be covered in a 6-7 hour class if the students are following along with their own computers. It's not that "hands-on" is WORSE, it's just more of a time commitment. It really comes down to how much time you're willing to commit to the class. Many students are happy to simply attend a shorter class, absorb the parts they need, and then practice in their spare time. This allows the class to cover more material in a shorter time. But yes, in a perfect world, if everyone has the time and patience, hands-on is great. 

Q: "I can't wait until your next class. I have a special project due next Monday and I must learn Excel first! Can we arrange a private 1-1 lesson after work/on the weekend?

A: So sorry, but we don't offer these types of services to the public. However, we do offer corporate consulting for the office. See the next question.

Q: "Some teams in our office need some special assistance at the office. Can you help us fix our Excel nightmare? Do you do consulting for companies?"

A: Yes! Many of our clients end up hiring us to provide on-site Excel consulting. We call it "office hours". If you need some customized Excel templates built, we can do it. If your teams are currently stuck using old junky spreadsheets, we can rebuild them. Often we take old Excel nightmares and turn a 70 tab-mess into a sleek dashboard that requires very low maintenance. Why spend time every week sorting and filtering and WORKING if you can just have an all-powerful template do the work for you? It's possible. Call to ask about "office hours".




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